Windsor – A new stop on our bike tours!

The best way to come up and close with the royal lifestyle and history is to take a tour of a town that has been synonymous with royalty for close to 1000 years. Windsor is the site of one of the Queen’s private residences, endless Royal heritage and monuments to past Royals.

Our bike tours have been extended for 2015, taking in one of the most asked-for extra destinations – Windsor.

A heaven for history lovers who want an up-close view of what living like a royal is all about. Our bike tours in 2015 all start with a pickup directly from London and finish in Oxford, taking in Windsor and all our regular stops on the way through the stunning Cotswolds countryside.

After taking the Pedal England tour van to Windsor, we introduce you to your bicycle, cycling on the correct side of the road(!) and give you the chance to explore the town before touring the Castle, visiting the burial site of King Henry VIII and cycling through the magnificent Windsor Great Park.

Get an inside look of the Queens home

Windsor Castle is the world’s largest and longest running castle in the world, dating back to 1066. During your tour, you will be able to take in the formidable sights of the battlements and get an intimate guided tour of the inside. Windsor Castle was originally built for war but you will discover things are a lot different in the modern day, it has now been transformed into an opulent palace for royalty and statesmen from around the world.

The castle is regularly frequented by the Queen and other members of the Royal family and is said to be one of her favourite homes. When visiting the castle, keep an eye out for the Royal Standard flying over the castle, which will indicate that the Queen is in residence.

Visit the grave of one of England’s most infamous Kings

The next stop on your Royal tour will be a visit to the tomb of one of England’s more ruthless and larger than life Kings, King Henry VIII. Hear the story about his 6 wives and the lengths he went to go through to get a divorce. Henry VIII’s tomb is situated in St George’s Chapel, a place of worship for the Royal family with so much history that it earns a place on the tour in its own right.

Take in the sights of one of England’s finest parks

Heading down the Long Walk you will enter the grand and ancient Great Windsor Park, which covers 4,800 acres of native woodlands and plains where you can spot wild deer roaming. The Great Park was used since the 1300’s as the private hunting ground of Saxon kings and has been kept as an example of an ancient English woodland.

Along with the main sights and attractions, you have the chance to explore the town of Windsor which is full of boutique shops, cobbled streets and British architecture that dates back to the Tudors.