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We take our commitment to sustainable tourism seriously

Our vision is to operate a ‘leave no trace’ strategy. That’s why, having committed in 2021 to reduce our environmental impact, we’ve partnered with ecollective to measure the carbon impact of our entire business. We’re actively working to identify ways we can reduce our carbon footprint year on year, sharing our methodology on an open basis to help others start their own net zero journeys while keeping us accountable to ours. Over time, we believe that we can reduce our carbon emitted per customer and per employee to net zero.

Why this matters

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that to avoid catastrophic, irreversible damage to the planet, global warming must not exceed 1.5°C. We’re currently on track for a 3+°C increase. This is a global crisis that requires us all to act immediately.

Coverack, Cornwall with RNLI lifeboat.
Cycle the Cotswolds

How travel can play a role

Travel can be an incredible force for good. Well-managed, sustainable tourism supports local economic development, sustains local communities and shines a light on vital conservation efforts.

However, tourism also contributes undeniably to the climate crisis, a fact we acknowledge and are aware requires urgent change across the industry. Many organisations talk about being green while remaining unclear about what they’re actually doing to be more sustainable. We want to do better.

Active England trips have an average carbon footprint of 80kg of CO2e, something we’re striving to improve by measuring and reducing our footprint each year. By making small but effective changes, we’re striving to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2035, at no cost to you or the quality of your experience. That means working with our suppliers to make changes that have a more positive impact on us and the planet.

We believe you deserve to know the impact of your holiday. When you book with us, you can be confident you’ve made a more sustainable choice.

Who are ecollective?

A team of self-confessed carbon geeks, the team at ecollective are committed to helping businesses fight the climate crisis. They do this by making it as simple as possible to measure carbon performance today and providing tools to improve it tomorrow. By finding sustainable solutions that benefit the business, the customer and the planet, they create positive change that’s quantifiable.

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