Sustainable Tourism
Protecting Nature, Protecting Us

In choosing Active England you are travelling with a company that takes its commitment to sustainable tourism very seriously.

Our vision is to be held accountable to our carbon goals and help other businesses in the industry get started with their journey to Net Zero. We want to ensure people can continue experiencing and connecting with the amazing environments that exist in England and beyond.  

We operate a ‘leave no trace’ strategy and developed a goal in 2021 to reduce our overall carbon footprint and wider environmental impact. We need to protect the places that bring endless joy and planetary benefits. 

But it is not enough to just talk about it and this is why we have partnered with ecollective to help us measure and reduce our carbon footprint and identify tools to continually improve it over time. We are truly committed to emission reduction targets and by making small changes over time we believe we can reduce the carbon emitted per customer and per employee year on year to become Net-Zero.

What is Active England doing?

Together with ecollective, we’ve measured the carbon impact of not only every tour we operate but our entire business. This work is and continues to be essential for monitoring our progress and identifying ways in which we can continue reducing our carbon impact year on year. The methodology is shared on an open basis to help other businesses within the industry to start their journey to Net Zero while helping keep us accountable to ours.

Our Road Map to True Net Zero Status by 2030:

  • Redesign trips to reduce our carbon impact
  • Working closely with all our suppliers across England to join us on our decarbonisation journey
  • Switching up our vehicle fleet to electric
  • Investing in projects that permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere for any emissions that remain.

We’ve got a long way to go but we’re on our way to net-zero

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the planet and working towards a sustainable future. We’ve taken ownership of our carbon footprint and are on a mission to reduce our emissions year on year.

You need transparency

You deserve to know the impact of your holiday. That’s why we’ve counted every gram of CO2 emitted by our trips and why we plan to share the total carbon footprint of each one.

Why this matters

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) told us that to avoid catastrophic damage to the planet, global warming must not exceed 1.5°C. 

We’re currently on track for a 3+°C increase in global warming, this will lead to irreversible damage to the planet. This is a global crisis that requires all of us to act immediately. 

What is net zero? 

Reporting all our emissions, reducing them as much as possible, and then investing in projects that either prevent emissions elsewhere or pull carbon out of the air to reach a “net-zero” balance on paper.” The one we should all be aiming for.

How travel can play its part

Lots of companies aren’t as sustainable as they’d like you to think. Many organisations talk about being green but aren’t clear about what they’re doing to be more sustainable. We want to do better. When you book a holiday with us you can be confident that you have made a more sustainable choice.

Know your impact 

Active England trips have an average carbon footprint of 80kg of CO2e

We’re going to improve this by measuring and reducing our footprint each year. That means working with our suppliers to make changes that have a more positive impact on us and the planet.

En route to zero

Measuring our carbon footprint is the first step – we’re not going to stop here. Our aim is to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2035. 

That’s why we are working with ecollective and our suppliers to measure and reduce our footprint. By making small but effective changes we’re going to reduce the carbon footprint of each trip year on year, at no cost to you or the quality of your experience.


We partnered with ecollective to help us measure and improve our carbon footprint. 

Calculating your carbon footprint can be a little complex – almost everything we do in our day to day lives adds to our footprint. Our calculation system is not 100% perfect, but it’s highly accurate and allows us to see what we can improve.

We followed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and applied emission factors provided by DEFRA and other data sources. To keep ourselves accountable and open to feedback, we are happy to share them. Just email us or ecollective to find out more. 

Carbon calculations are never perfect but our aim is to make our measurements as accurate as possible in order to help us reduce them. We’re constantly improving our data with the most up-to-date numbers as carbon research and knowledge improves, this means that the numbers can change over time.

A bit about ecollective

A team of self-confessed carbon geeks, they are committed to helping businesses fight the climate crisis. They do this by making it as simple as possible to measure carbon performance today and providing tools to improve it tomorrow. By finding sustainable solutions that benefit the business, the customer and the planet, they create positive change that’s quantifiable.

You can find out more here, or get in touch with

The Tourism Industry

Tourism plays a contributing role to the climate crisis and we acknowledge this requires an urgent need for change across the industry. The paradox is that travel and tourism can be an amazingly positive force for good. Well managed, sustainable tourism supports local economic development, sustains local communities and traditions and shines a light on nature and wildlife conservation.

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