5 Ways to Travel Sustainably in England This Year

Over lockdown, we have flown less, driven less and travelled less. Alongside this many of us have appreciated the small (and large!) pleasures of walking, cycling and perhaps even swimming outdoors. The joys of discovering new footpaths and trails in our local areas and further afield within the UK. At the same time there is a pent up desire to explore, to travel, to experience again and, of course, to go on holiday!

With Spring on the horizon, warmer weather around the corner and the vaccine well under way, how can we get where we’re going in an environmentally friendly way, reducing our impact on the environment and lowering our CO2 footprint.

Here are 5 easy ways to travel in a more sustainable way in 2021:

  1. Public Transport
  2. Staying Local (and Eating Local)
  3. Self-Powered Active Travel – the Journey not the Destination
  4. Leave Nothing Behind
  5. Help Out On Holiday

Public Transport

Use public transport. Sharing journeys and taking trains is a great way to travel more sustainably in the UK. Whether you are taking the sleeper train up to Edinburgh (a fabulous experience in itself!) or journeying from London to the Cotswolds and South West, we recommend taking the train. All our tours are designed to begin at train stations, where we’ll pick you up, refreshed and ready to go! For example, on our Cotswolds Adventure Holidays and Weekends, there are regular direct journeys from London to Kemble or Bath, where we’re certain we can get you from (London) “platform to pint” in 90 minutes!

Staying Local

Continue to stay local, embracing the staycation. Having discovered the joys of travelling within Britain last Summer, why not explore more of Britain this year. We have beautifully hot summers, perfect for walking, swimming, surfing, biking and beaches! Throw your support behind local businesses, enjoy local produce from local corner shops, community cafes, and independent restaurants with locally sourced food and menus, reducing the travel time of the goods you buy.

The Journey Not the Destination

Active Holidays, on two wheels or your own two feet! Travel from place to place by cycling, walking, canoeing or running! Perhaps try camping, glamping and carrying your own kit. Make your day about the cycling or walking journey and not the destination and enjoy the simplicity of slow travel. Exploring the countryside and coast on two feet or two wheels. If you are looking for inspiration, follow our guide Helen’s Journey across the UK by Bike – to all the Places Called Hope, or dive into our Operation Manager’s self-supported jogging and camping journey around the whole of the English and Welsh Coast.

Leave Nothing Behind

Wherever you travel, always aim to recycle and leave nothing behind, especially if camping. Many National Parks, woodlands, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Trails and city parks suffered last year from the effects of inexperienced or antisocial campers leaving litter behind in our beautiful countryside, damaging the landscape and wildlife and costly to clean up.

Help Out On Holiday

Why not help out while you travel. See if there is a beach clean or park clean near you, pick up litter wherever you go and wherever you see it. Use the footpaths properly to avoid excess erosion, and share your journeys with friends and family so they too can travel like you and experience the best of the countryside!

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