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February 13, 2024

Destination: United Kingdom


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England in Spring – 5 reasons to visit

Spring in England is a time of renewal, when the countryside bursts into bloom and cities come alive with cultural events and outdoor activities.

Whilst England is a delight to explore at any time of year, there’s something truly magical about experiencing it in the vibrant season of spring. From blooming flowers to bustling market towns, England offers a plethora of experiences that are sure to enchant visitors of all ages.

So if you’re undecided when the best time to visit England might be, perhaps our 5 reasons below will help you settle towards Spring time. Thriving nature, fewer crowds and pleasant weather conditions (we hope) all make Spring time one of the best seasons the UK has to offer.

To help with travel planning, Spring is generally classed as the months of March through until the end of May. However, early signs of Spring such as daffodils flowering appear from mid-February. At the end of March the daylight saving time changes and there are gradually more hours of daylight as the evenings stretch out. The end of May tends to see warmer temperatures sometimes reaching nearer to 77 Fahrenheit and so begins the summer season.

Women walking in the Cotswolds
Spring walk in the Cotswolds

The Wonderful British Weather

We can’t talk about England without mentioning the great British weather! It is the driving force behind the four seasons in the UK. Springtime in England is an awakening for nature and the senses.

New sights, new sounds and fresh scents fill the air. Wildlife is active, birds can be heard in the trees and new shoots of color are poking through the ground, all signaling the colder months have passed. Spring is quite simply one of the best times to visit England!

Although the morning air will still feel a little chilly, sunshine is usually more frequent throughout the day. The warmer air does, however, bring those pesky rain showers so if you’re walking around our beautiful countryside be sure to pack a light raincoat. The slightly warmer temperatures and increase in sunshine hours provide extra time for exploring so you can always take shelter in a village pub or teashop and let the showers pass, before continuing.

If you’re lucky the skies will clear and you can complete your day with a calming English sunset, catching the magnificent orange glow as the sun disappears across the countryside.

Iconic British Flowers

Spring flowers England
Daffodils and spring blossom, England

The moisture in the air brings a flurry of activity, with bees buzzing, bunnies hopping amongst the long grass and bursts of colorful flowers appearing everywhere. Bright yellow daffodils often line the curb sides of the quieter roads, snowdrops with their pretty white and purple color pop up amongst the grass and woodland walks provide Bluebells as far as the eye can see. Trees are also regaining their green leaves, fields are returning to a luscious green color ready for the influx of new lambs and cattle to graze.

Perfect timing

English Village sunset
English Village sunset. West Somerton, Norfolk Broads.

Spring is still deemed to be slightly ‘out of season’ with the most popular time to visit the UK being the Summer months.

However, you can often get extremely lucky with what some would describe as ‘perfect’ weather during Spring months. Not too hot, not too cold. Popular locations will be quieter and hotel rates cheaper than the peak season.

For a truly unique experience, the longer days bring the opportunity to get up and out before anyone else. Imagine making a short climb in the Lake District to arrive at the summit overlooking Lake Windermere before sunrise. See the beauty of the sun rising and bouncing off the lake, truly at one with nature.

If evenings are more your vibe, then perhaps a stroll at dusk through a quintessentially English village. The sun will be setting behind the thatched cottages making way for a crisp evening spent outdoors dining in a local pub under heat lamps or finding a souvenir treasure in a local shop just before closing. Many tourists will depart before dusk, making late afternoon and into the evening a great time to explore popular locations.

New season events and attractions

Many heritage sites have shorter opening times during Winter or are closed all together. March 1st tends to see the re-opening of notable sites to visit. As attractions are re-opening there are often special events held to attract visitors during the quieter months as well as seasonal offerings to coincide with calendar events such as Easter, St Patrick’s Day and Mothering Sunday (Mothers Day for UK).

If you happen to be exploring Southern England in April then you might like to plan your trip to encompass catching the famous ‘Oxbridge’ University Boat Race. Usually taking place close to Easter, the annual boat race between Oxford University and Cambridge University can be witnessed at various points along the River Thames from South London up towards Hammersmith in West London.

Morris dancers, english fete
May Day Morris Dancers in Ashover, Derbyshire, England

Another day of note is May Day. 1st May is an ancient day of festivities which can still be found in small villages across England. The first Monday in May is also a National bank holiday for the country, in which many villages will hold village fayres on a village green with classic English traditions such as Maypole dancing and Morris Dancers for entertainment.

In Central England, Stratford-upon-Avon celebrates Shakespeare day with a week of events either side of Shakespeare day itself, 23rd April. Finally, towards the end of Spring, on the cusp of the summer months, The Chelsea Flower Show is a once in a lifetime visit to a world famous spectacle. Located in London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital grounds, if you’re a flower and gardening enthusiast then what better way to round off a trip to England than a day in the Capital seeing this magnificent show. 

If you’d like to know more about what London has to offer, explore our London destination guides or contact us for a bespoke tour that includes an overnight London stay.

Great British coastal adventures

Walk Devon and Cornwall
Walking coastal paths in Devon

With 11,000 miles of coastline there are so many coastal areas to choose from. If Spring weather conditions are kind, then this should allow for striking cliff top walks and perhaps even a stroll along the beach.

Venturing south from London to Devon and Cornwall you’ll find beautiful sandy beaches, rivalling those of tropical destinations. Whilst it may not feel warm enough for a swim, there is certainly plenty of sites to see amongst the coastal towns, quaint fishing villages and rugged cliff walks. The Jurassic Coast is a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site and offers spectacular scenic walks. Whilst the thriving area of Watergate Bay in Cornwall is equally as stunning, with long sandy beaches, year-round surfing and great eateries. If this appeals to your inner explorer, check out our Devon and Cornwall tours

The coastal resorts tend to be quieter in Spring making it a fantastic time to explore. Less crowds and cheaper accommodation make for a perfect English seaside break. With Active England guiding you, you can be sure to experience the best week of your life and enjoy so much of what England has to offer during the Spring season.

Devon is just 2 hours from London and Cornwall is slightly further at 4 hours from London. Both destinations have great transport links from the capital of England and other major UK cities. Contact us for more information.

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