Regenerative Travel – Our Go Green Tours

What are our Go Green Tours?

At Active England when it comes to the planet, we are committed to protecting it. We are far from perfect but we are dedicated to being better. We all emit too much carbon and we are on a mission to reduce our emissions and lower our carbon footprint year on year.

Our new Go Green Travel Tours reflect this – we’re investing in our green strategy, with no fluff, just a real commitment, and we’re working hard on our green pledges for 2030. For today, we’re starting with what we can change…

For our Go Green tours we are: 

  • Redesigning itineraries to reduce road travel
  • Using public transport for all necessary transfers
  • Encouraging guests to avoid places that are feeling a ‘burn-out’ from over-tourism 
  • Offering local, seasonal food options where possible – working towards a 50 mile menu
  • Implementing a strict ‘no single-use plastic’ policy 
  • Designing Nature and Wildlife tours to increase awareness and inspire a deeper connection to the natural world 

Guided Green Tours

Leaving No Trace

Naturally in 2021 “staycations” were a safer way to explore without the fear of border closures and quarantines, and it has been a silver lining for travel in England, with more people than ever discovering the bounty of beautiful walking and cycling trails, historic sites, and wild swimming spots right on their doorstep.

England is incredible for its natural beauty, culture and heritage and we know which spots to discover and how to get to them safely. 

Coming into 2022, the staycation boom is continuing, for more reasons than one. With this necessary, renewed vigour to decrease our individual carbon footprints, we’re on a mission to help, and work with, our travellers to achieve their/our goals…

Taking Our Commitment Further

With the help of ecollective

We need to protect the places that bring our customers endless joy and planetary benefit and this is why we have partnered with ecollective to help us measure and reduce our carbon footprint and identify tools to continually improve it over time.

We are truly committed to emission reduction targets and by making small changes we believe we can reduce the carbon emitted per customer and per employee year on year to become True Net Zero.


You need transparency. 

You deserve to know everything about your holiday, from what is included, what to expect and every gram of CO2 emitted along the way. That is why on each trip we plan to share the total carbon footprint. 

Why this matters

A 1.5°C increase in global temperatures will lead to a global shift in our weather patterns and biodiversity. This, in turn, will negatively impact us all from what we eat and what we do. The frightening thing is that we are already at 1.1°C and we’re on course for a 3+°C increase. This is a global crisis that requires all of us to act immediately

How travel can play its part. 

Most travel companies are not as sustainable as they would like you to think. The inconvenient truth is that flying creates a lot of carbon emissions, natural sights are struggling from over-tourism and burn-out and people are not actually feeling refreshed when they come home. We believe in better. 

Aiming for Zero

It is not enough just to pat ourselves on the back for talking about it, the aim is to reach zero. That is why we are working with our suppliers and ecollective to measure and reduce our footprint. By making small but effective changes we believe that we can reduce the carbon emitted per customer year on year at no personal cost to you or your experience. 


We partnered with ecollective to help us measure and improve our carbon footprint. Calculating your own carbon footprint can be a little complex as almost everything in our day to day lives has some sort of footprint. Our calculation system is not perfect, but it is highly accurate and allows us to see what we can improve. 

For this project, we followed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and applied emission factors provided by DEFRA and other data sources. To keep ourselves accountable and open to criticism, we are happy to share. Just email us or ecollective to find out more. Carbon calculations are never perfect but our aim is to make the measurements as accurate as possible in order to help us reduce.