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Nature and Wildlife Tours

What are our Nature Tours?

Think Yoga, Foraging, Sunset Swims, Rewilding Projects, Local Food, Sunrise Hikes

We are truly passionate about experiences that nourish the soul and environment, so welcome to our signature active nature tours..

Step off the beaten track, on foot, by bike or in the water and immerse yourself in the smells, sights and flavours of Devon’s wild moors and rugged coastlines. Learn what you can forage (and importantly what you can’t!) on our daily hikes; start the day with a sunrise yoga session; swim in the magical waters of Sharrah Pool; rewild in style; eat local and seasonal food, all while connecting to friends and creating new ones! 

Join us and get ready to marvel in the beauty of Devon, as we show you the road less travelled, the open spaces, the secret swim spots, the dark skies and some of the best bike and walk trails in England. 

After a week in Devon you will leave with a deeper understanding of the ecosystem, a sense of wellbeing, and a whole host of memorable moments…

What are our Devon Wildlife Kingdom Tours? 

Think Beavers, Dartmoor Ponies, Otters, Kingfishers, Dolphins and Seals....

Treading gently across Devon’s natural landscape, our expert guides will take you on an active, wildlife tour across Devon’s high moors, gentle estuaries, magical woodlands and cragged coastlines. We will learn about the flora and particularly the fauna, on foot, by bike or from the water and see firsthand what animals live within this treasured county!  

From Dartmoor ponies, beavers and otters, to dolphins and seals, you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll see! With stunning views around every corner, excellent accommodation, wonderful pubs and delicious local cuisine, our Devon Wildlife tour is unsurpassed and truly magical!

Nature Tours

Devon Active Nature Tour – 4 Day

4 Day Guided - WEEKLY - Starting Tuesdays

Devon Active Nature Tour – 6 Day

6 Day Guided - WEEKLY - Starting Sundays

Wildlife Tours

Devon Active Wildlife Tour – 4 Day

4 Day Guided - WEEKLY - Starting Tuesdays

Devon Active Wildlife Tour – 6 Day

6 Day Guided - WEEKLY - Starting Sundays

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