What Makes a Memorable Holiday? Active England’s Immersive Experience

The Immersive Tour

“There are moments on our tours when a guest’s face lights up; when they stare out at an incredible view, or are free-wheeling down a country lane with the sun on their faces and the wind whistling by. Those moments are what make our tours so memorable for our guests!” Will Cairns, Founder

When we ask guests what they are looking forward to on our tours, they speak of the great iconic palaces, cities and monuments that we visit. From the Eden Project in Cornwall, to King Arthur’s Castle at Tintagel; from Christchurch College in Oxford to the Neolithic Stonehenge. These are truly the gems of England’s heritage and well worth every visit we make.

When we ask our guests what made their holiday memorable; what they will remember most from our trips, they tell us of the quieter moments when walking through a meadow, of laughing in a country beer garden in the afternoon sun, or of watching the silent murmuration of starlings across the evening’s horizon. They relish the immersive experience of being outdoors in the fresh air, feeling active and exploring the countryside, clifftops and winding rural lanes we have here.

Walking and Cycling Tours in the Heart of England

There is a world of difference between visiting a World Heritage Site by bike or foot rather than by coach. Yes buses might get you there quicker, but a holiday is not about the rush to get somewhere. Our tours are as much about the journey as the destination. We pride ourselves on creating memorable holidays that include the quiet rural countryside lanes, patchwork fields, canal paths and hedgerows.

We call it ‘walk in walking’. Rather than turn up at an iconic site in a vehicle, we aim to walk or cycle to the front door of Shakespeare’s birthplace, along the canal path to the Roman Baths and through the grounds of Blenheim Palace.

When traversing a landscape like the Cotswolds you understand why it is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Walking and cycling to a place reveals the contours of the hills, the context of an area, the shape of the town and the route of a river. While puffing and cycling up White Horse Hill, you cannot fail to appreciate the ideal placement of the Iron Age Fort atop of one of our steepest climbs! Walking into Bath along its canal path is one of the most pleasant and peaceful journeys into the heart of a bustling city you could imagine.

A Memorable Holiday

These are the experiences people remember. We strive to make every holiday truly special for each guest, taking them out into our magical countryside and showing them the real England in all its glory!

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