Swimming Holidays in England

Wild Swimming Adventures with like-minded people

Our tours are for the “water babies”, the “swimmers” and the “dippers”. They are the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation, immersing guests in some of the most iconic swims and walking trails throughout England, from Cornwall to Dartmoor, to the River Thames and the Jurassic Coast.

The tours are fuelled by cake, wonderful food and good company!

We’ll take you on a journey like no other and with two or more swims planned each day – we link the most stunning sea, estuary, lake, river, lido and sea pool swims into a magical tour that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Join one of our friendly groups, meet like-minded people and discover new and iconic swims – from the water up!

What is Wild Swimming?

Wild Swimming is “the practice or activity of swimming for pleasure in natural waters”, and in England we are spoilt for choice! Discover the best hidden away lakes, pools, beaches, coves and rivers for a splash, swim, dip or float. Each day we’ll have 2 or 3 swims, walking to those isolated places you can only access by foot!

We’re for all swimmers, from the head-up breast-strokers to the triathletes, there’s an abundance of swimming options on all tours, each day. We’re not competitive, this trip is all about the journey and exploring some fantastic wild swimming spots in our favourite places. Finish each day in a country pub or a cosy hotel with some  wonderful food and in great company.

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Swimming Holidays - Cornwall

Swimming Holidays - Devon

Splashing in the sea - wild swimming

Devon Swimming Weekend

This tour joins up the most stunning sea and estuary swims in Devon into a magical and reviving swimming weekend you’ll remember for a lifetime. Join one of our friendly groups, meet like-minded people and discover new places – from the water up!
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Devon Swimming Mid-Week Break

Invigorating and reviving, we all know swimming is great for the soul and the hidden swimming spots, coves and beaches of Devon's gorgeous and rugged Coast, coupled with beautiful swims on Dartmoor are a tonic for those looking to have fun and explore Devon and Dartmoor with a group of like-minded people, from the water […]
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Swimming Holidays - Cotswolds

Swimming Holidays - Dorset

Our Tours Are Rated 97% Excellent by Trip Advisor

A Joyful World of Watery Adventure

Guided by our outstanding team, we know every beach and cove, bend in the river, lake, lagoon and sea pool. We’ve found the best beach picnic stops, local pubs, walking routes and more! You won’t need to worry about any of your luggage transfers, bookings or equipment – we’ve got that all taken care of. 

What you need to know before your Swimming Holiday

Do I need to be good at swimming to go on a wild swimming holiday?

We require guests to be competent swimmers and walkers. All guests must be able to swim 400m unsupported before joining this tour. Each day we have short and long swimming options to suit different types and strengths of guests, our guides are there to help you enjoy your holiday with us, swimming at your own pace and in your own time!

Do I need to be a fast swimmer to go wild swimming?

Not at all – we are not racers! You can swim as much or as little as you like! For safety, we require that you are a competent swimmer (see the above question and answer) however this tour is designed to be a great mix of swimming and walking (to access the swims) each day, with plenty of time to relax in the evenings. 

Do you provide wetsuits and tow floats on your wild swimming holidays?

No. We strongly recommend that you bring a wetsuit on these trips – even for the hardy skin-swimmers, you’ll get much more out of our Swim-Walk tours with the option of a wetsuit. All guests are required to bring their own tow floats – these are essential for safety and visability.

What do I need to bring for my wild swimming adventure; do you have kit list?

For all our tours we will send out kit lists in plenty of time before your tour. 

  • It’s completely up to guests what they swim in, however we recommend wetsuits in April – June as the waters are still chilly! For “skins” swimmers, we ask for evidence that they are swimming regularly in advance of the tour. 
  • We provide brightly coloured hats for all guests
  • Tow-floats are mandatory, for visibility purposes 

What else do I need to bring?

  • We highly recommend bringing warm clothes – Dry robe / dressing gown etc – for after you have swum
  • Hats / warm shoes are also highly recommended
  • Beach shoes – such as crocs are required although flip flops are not recommended (to flimsy on rocky beaches)
  • Walking shoes / a strong pair of trainers are required as there are walks of up to 2 miles to access the more remote swimming locations
  • A walking jacket / trousers, should the weather be inclement
  • Relaxed evening attire – nothing smart needed!

Can I join as a solo traveller?

All our trips are open for single travellers to join, these trips are a great way to meet social, like-minded people, active and looking for a great holiday. “As a single female, I would not hesitate to go on another Active England trip as a solo traveller”. S.G. Over 30% of our guests travel alone and swimmers are always very accommodating and welcoming. Solo guests have the option to have a room on their own or share with another guest.

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