The British Weather Myth


Dispelling the myths about the British Weather; yes, really!

It’s a fact that us Brits and the Active England guides are always talking about the weather, with our opening conversation topic being almost invariably about the Great British Weather.

At Active England, we have enjoyed a summer where not one full day was lost to rain. Sure, it has rained, but it rarely lasts all day and we can usually predict when it is going to stop. When we look at global rainfall and compare London to North American cities, we see that London prepares very favourably (source the Oregon Climate Service and measured in inches)

London 29
New York City: 47.2
Washington DC: 41
Miami: 60
Los Angeles: 14.9
New Orleans: 63
Atlanta: 50
Phoenix: 7.6
Seattle: 40
Chicago: 34
Dallas: 37
Boston: 42.3
Toronto: 30
Vancouver: 43.6

So whilst we talk about the weather incessantly and our weather is varied, it’s certainly not as bad as people think!

Active England’s tours visit all of the following places in its iconic eight-day tour, Windsor and Windsor Great Park, Oxford, Blenheim Palace, Shakespeare’s Stratford, Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), Bath, Stonehenge and the Cotswolds.