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Operations Management Role

  • Location: Oxfordshire/Cotswolds
  • Annual Pay: To be discussed on application
  • Role: Subject to seasonal work

The Company

Active England Tours is a travel company operating activity and leisure holidays across Britain. We specialise in bespoke itineraries, group departures, cycle holidays and arranging multi day packages for English and International guests.

Role Location

The location of the role will be predominantly based in Oxfordshire, at the location of Active England Tours main facility for storage of equipment and running of operations. The location of the role may include travel to and from other facilities in England, to be discussed on application. There will be a requirement to spend the majority of the contracted working time in the Oxfordshire location alongside flexibility in a ‘working from home’ environment of which will include scheduling and planning, office based work.

Core Activity

  • Oversee the operational hub and delivering against set objectives and overseeing quality control.
  • Maintain all bikes and equipment to an exacting standard throughout the season for both our direct fleet and operator fleet.
  • Prepare the bike fleet in accordance with business needs on a weekly basis to ensure all tours (Direct and Operator) have the right bikes ready in advance. Ensure the availability of spare bikes as required for each tour.
  • Purchase the required number of new bikes for each season with our partner suppliers, ensuring value for money at all times.
  • Build the new bikes as they are ordered. This may require working/training other staff to help with additional workload.
  • Purchase the required spares as required for each season.
  • Maintain inventory management processes, including inventory usage tracking to ensure that the right bikes are ready and available for reach tour. Rolling into our systems for Peak 15* integration and knowledge/use of organisational software systems.
  • Develop and maintain the maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure the operational hub is kept clean and tidy with all Health and Safety legislation.
  • Liaison with the on-call bike mechanic (which we are looking to utilise for all emergencies out in the field) for all emergency situations and regular bike issues. This role may include the Operations Manager as being an on call mechanic for support on tours.
  • Become the transport manager for the increasing number of Active England vehicles.
  • Maintain accurate records and take direction from central office who will forward all the bike schedules for each tour on a weekly basis.
  • Perform all other, additional duties as assigned.

Other Work/Duties

  • Everything else…! We are looking for a team member to work above and beyond and become a part of the core team at Active England.

  • Supporting SG, direct and all other current operator trips.

  • Working closely with local garages/maintenance companies to support vehicle and trailer servicing.

  • Work on ‘continuous improvement’ methods/systems to continue smooth running of facilities in a fast changing business.

  • Utilise all company work flow systems- Trello and Teams etc.

  • Work alongside regional wardens to ensure effectiveness of all facilities. Help support if or when needed. Driving to re stock and manage bikes etc.

  • Develop strong communications and work collaboratively with core team at all times.

  • Adopt a flexible and dynamic approach to work in order to adapt to changes when necessary.

  • Plan additional work flow such as bike builds carefully- re sourcing additional labour etc.

  • Take on Ad Hoc tasks such a sourcing new/second hand vehicles/trailers/bikes to supplement fleet.

  • Continue to develop relationships with land owner and neighbour businesses at Calais farm barns.

  • Plan and instruct the build of a temporary new office, to be confirmed.

  • Work with local specialist bike shop/s to help maintain the Ebike fleet and more specialist work that may arise. *bike computers require software updates etc.

Working Requirements

The role of a facilities supervisor will include the below:

  • Managing and maintaining a fleet of AET vehicles. This will include regular vehicle checks, scheduling MOT’s, transporting the vehicles to servicing and repair facilities, occasional purchasing of vehicle equipment and maintenance products, occasional cleaning and maintaining of the vehicles and scheduling the rota of vehicle usage during the busier seasons.
  • Managing and maintaining a fleet of AET trailers and bicycle racks. This will include regular checks, transporting the equipment to servicing and repair facilities, occasional purchasing of vehicle equipment and maintenance products, scheduling the rota of equipment usage during the busier seasons.
  • Managing and maintaining a fleet of AET bicycles. This will include regular bicycle checks, scheduling the bicycles for our guiding season, occasional cleaning and maintenance of the bicycles, purchasing equipment and bicycle parts for maintenance of the fleet.
  • Working in relation to Logistics management to schedule the ‘tour’ season’s equipment including vehicles, trailers, bicycles and other equipment requirements.
  • The role may include being an ‘on call mechanic’ for our guided tour experiences and self guided guests on holiday in and around the Cotswolds. This may include being flexible in supporting guests and guides in remote locations with equipment faults or emergencies.
  • Supporting as a self guided holiday supervisor. The role will require our facilities manager to work a number of weekend dates to cover our regular Sunday departures for guests arriving into the Cotswolds. There will be a requirement for this role to work on weekends, either on call or with customers.

Qualifications and Experience:

We are searching for a ‘hands on’ individual with a background in operations with a passion for cycling. Participants applying for the job are expected to have background experience in bicycle maintenance; logistics management or past experience in operations, this can be either small or large scale. There is plenty of opportunity to receive training and grow within our business. We offer qualifications paid for by the company.

We are interested in participants whom may hold any of the below qualifications:

  • Cytech bicycle qualifications (specifically cytech level 2) and other awards similar.
  • Outdoor guiding qualifications
  • First Aid qualifications
  • Extended driving qualifications including trailer licence, Private Hire or other experience.

Customer Facing:

The role will consist of holding strong relations with local suppliers which may include other facilities managers, equipment suppliers and operators contracted with the company.

Role requirement:

The role of facilities management supervisor will consist of the below based on operating seasons.

April – September 1.0 Contracted equalling a 40 hour working week

October – November 0.5 Contracted equalling a 20 hour working week

December – March 0.25 Contracted equalling a 10 hour working week


Please send in a cover email and updated CV to the below email address with the heading ‘Facilities Manager Application’. If you wish to receive further information prior to applying then please email the below with any questions.