Evenings Around A Campfire

Why are Campfires so Appealing and so much fun?

What is it about sitting around a campfire that makes it so appealing? We know that relaxing at the end of a day spent outdoors, gathering around a firepit to stare into the flames and chat under the stars, with a beer or glass of wine in had from our free beer and wine fridge is the perfect way to spend the evening. But is there more than it to keeping warm? What compels us closer and makes us linger? Why is it easier to chat when in front of a fire, and why is it so relaxing?!

Campfires, evolution and relaxation

It would seem that we are evolved to relax around a fire, with early humans learning to be sociable during fireside interactions, giving them a survival advantage due to a greater ability to interact as a team. Recent studies have shown the even just the sound of a crackling fire reduces blood pressure.

Storytelling around the Campfire

Professor Wiessner’s research, under the University of Utah, has revealed that storytelling may have made up 80% of the fireside conversations of our ancient ancestors. By extending the day’s light more time was created for purposes other than hunting and gathering and ‘as people shared their personal experiences around the fire, they learned to avoid danger, to hunt more effectively as a team, and to strengthen cultural traditions’. Quite different from and evening of Netflix staring at a laptop – campfires are inherently social! Fires unleash our imaginations and the flow of conversations, perfect for an evening gathered around, reliving stories of the days gone and solidifying social networks.

Firepit Evenings and BBQ Dinners

On of our Multi Activity Tours, as well as eating in cosy country pubs, include firepit BBQ style dinners. After a day outdoors in the sun, biking, hiking, paddling, or swimming, we return to our ‘basecamps’ – our shepherd’s hut, glamping pods and eco cabins – nestled in the countryside, valleys, fields and sand dunes for an evening under the stars. With our free beer and wine fridge, our homecooked dinners and a fire burning bright at its centre there is nothing more chilled than putting your feet up and chatting to your neighbours. Cosy, warm, relaxed and enjoying a return to nature, the countryside and the coast.

Would you like to join us around the fire? Invite your friends and loved ones on a tailor-made trip or join our small groups on our multi-activity tours, with full active days and cosy evenings under the stars, warmed by the fire. Book today to bring that campfire closer!

Cotswolds Multi Activity – Adventure Weekend: Only an hour from London, take a mini-break to escape the city and immerse yourself in a weekend of adventure. With fun-filled activity-packed days, paddle down the Thames, join our morning SUP sessions on the lake, walk, bike and hike with us through the countryside and spend your evenings relaxing by our fire.

Cornwall Multi Activity – 6 Day Adventure Holiday: Start your holiday straight off the train, and after a relaxing afternoon cycling, finish your day with the sand between your toes and staring out to the sea. Explore the coast by coasteering, SUP, surfing, sea kayaking and more, alongside coastal wanderings and countryside cycling. In the evenings relax in your glamping and eco-hut accommodation, listening to the waves break and gathered around our campfire. We promise you’ll return with a glow.

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