E-Bike Holidays In The Cotswolds

What Are The Benefits Of E-bikes And Who Are They For?

What are e-bikes?

E-bikes, or electric bikes, are bicycles which use a motor to provide assistance as you pedal, so you can go the distance without the slog! We believe they open the door for people of differing fitness levels and abilities to be able to travel further, and with ease. To travel together and to explore at their own leisure.

We have been running cycling tours throughout England for many years and one thing we have found common to all trips is that there are always slight fitness and ability differences within groups, families, friends and couples. In our opinion e-bikes are the best way to enjoy a holiday together, allowing everyone to cycle the full distances today, gliding up hills with ease and still getting some exercise in – only without the sweat, huffing, puffing and soreness the next day!

Who are E-bikes For?

E-bikes are for anyone!

  1. For those who enjoy cycling but who are not racing snakes, who want to cycle at a leisurely pace, in their own time and enjoy the feeling of the wind in their hair, with the luxury of being able to look up and around at the stunning landscapes they pass through.
  2. For those who cycle to get outside and travel on two wheels rather than four, but who are not in it to count the miles.
  3. For those who want to cycle with their friends and loved ones, but not have to worry about falling behind or slowing anyone down.
  4. For those who want to get to the café first for a scone and tea, or who want to be the first to order a refreshing pint at the end of the day.

E-Bike FAQs:

What e-bikes do you have?

Our Quick-E e-bikes from Giant allow our guests to go the distance without the slog, to enjoy the countryside at their own pace and to provide assistance that will get you up any hill. Our e-bikes are as good on rural country roads as on canal tow-paths and rail to trail tracks. Safe and easy to use, these e-bikes are perfect for all abilities.

Are E-Bikes safe to use?

Yes! We give all guests a safety briefing before using our bikes, and explain their simple use, including how to use the engine and the acceleration. It is impossible to engage the engine while stationary or while not pedalling which makes these e-bikes safe to use. 

Can I do an E-Bike Trip in the Cotswolds?

We offer e-bikes on all of our tours, for a small supplement.

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