Thinking of going on a cycling or walking tour? Here’s why travelling in a group has its benefits

Being active has many individual benefits but it can be so much easier when you’re doing it with others. Here at Active England we’ve put together a list of the top benefits of exploring and travelling in a group:


Travelling with company 

travelling in a group

Group tours are a great way to socialise and have fun all together. It can make a trip into a group adventure, one which everyone can get involved in and feel part of. This ‘all-inclusive’ attitude creates a sense of teamwork and is a motivator for people of all ages.

Whether you’re walking or cycling with a group of friends, or as a family, having company whilst you’re on your bike or hiking through the beautiful English countryside allows you to share the whole experience and create lasting memories.

Walking or cycling as a group also becomes a learning experience, which is great if you’ve got children with you on a family voyage, or even if you’re a group of friends wanting to fully experience rural England and its iconic sites along the way.

There is also the added sense of camaraderie and enjoyment between all those involved, which may lead to bonds forming that last a lot longer than your holiday – making for an unforgettable trip!


Guided Tours

walking in a group

Taking a guided tour, albeit walking or cycling, takes out the guess work and any stress of planning your route, or risk of getting lost. Ultimately, travelling in a group means safety in numbers.

You can enjoy discovering the hidden gems of the English landscape, safe in the knowledge that your tour guide knows best, passing on their local expertise, every peddle of the way on our tried and tested routes.  So, sit back in your saddle and enjoy the view!

The benefit of having a local tour guide also means they know the best spots for a pit stop, whether it’s a good old British pub lunch or a coffee and cake – you’ll get taken to the locals’ favourites, whilst getting to meet some of them too. To learn more about our guided tours check out our Guided Tours page.


Immersive Journeys

group travel in england

The journey is often the best part of an adventure – which is something we fully embrace on our tours. We don’t just race to get to the destination, we let you become fully immersed in the local area and all it has to offer. Sharing in these experiences with your friends, family and new tour mates makes it all the better.

By actively travelling through the environment, as opposed to a brief viewing out of a coach window, you get to experience a new and exciting place on the ground, making your trip even more memorable.

What people really remember are the stunning locations, the atmosphere in the hotels and villages, iconic architecture, as well as the charming local people. Take your pick of historic locations you would like to explore, from Stonehenge to Blenheim Palace, and peddle away – there is somewhere for everyone to enjoy!

Travelling in a Group


Active England offers the opportunity for you to do all of this in the most beautiful settings across England with trained, professional, and knowledgeable guides. These experiences and moments of discovery are what people remember and so doing it as part of a group and having people you can share in these amazing moments with, makes it all the more special.