September 2020
Devon, Cornwall and Dorset Wild Swims Trying to decide which has the better swimming, Devon or Cornwall or Dorset, is a potentially controversial subject – a bit like whether the jam or cream comes first! We are going to play it with a very straight bat and suggest that both are equally as interesting and...
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Incredible Swimming Trips in England
With so much coast, it was a really difficult job to narrow down the top 10 swims in Cornwall. From the wilder North Coast through to the more gentle Southern Coast there is something for everyone. It’s often possible to choose your swim dependent on the sea state and tides on a daily basis. The...
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Beaches South West England Coastal Path
It’s probably as controversial as the best swimming spots (well maybe not quite!), as outdoor swimmers are passionate about their post swim reward. Cake is part of the ritual and is often reason enough for outdoor swimming – it’s a close run thing with chatting! Never does food taste so good after a swim and...
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